Hello there! Thanks for coming by to learn more about my new series. Below I have the books listed with their respective blurbs. The Metamorphosis Series is set to have three books. The first book Chrysalis of Change is now available for purchase on Amazon. The second book Chrysalis of Hope will be available by September 2, 2022 and finally Emergence will be available by the end of 2023. Please feel free to check them out.

Chrysalis of Change

Lena Flores thought she knew who she was until a set of magnificent wings emerged from her back. From that moment on, only a few things were evident. The most obvious was that she had become more than human. The classmate she has been flirting with Carlos, may be more than he seems, and she has this ominous feeling that they were all connected.

Meanwhile, an ancient evil has awoken and has been systematically wiping out her kind while searching for Lena.

Feeling unprepared, overwhelmed, and frightened, Lena isn’t sure if she should trust anyone, but when her body starts changing and powers manifest, it leaves her with little choice. With Carlos’s help, she must learn about her kind and understand why everything is happening. What Lena doesn’t realize is that failure to rise to meet her destiny will condemn not only her people to genocide but doom humanity as well in the process. 

Nothing can prepare Lena for the whirlwind of change that has come into her life. With Carlos by her side, will she learn to embrace her newfound abilities and heritage? Will it be in time to save her people and mankind? With billions of lives on the line, there isn’t a moment to lose against such unspeakable evil.

Chrysalis of Hope

Reeling from her first encounter with her people’s mortal enemy, the Zotes, Lena begins to realize just how unprepared and inexperienced she is. Unsure of her place in this new world that has been thrust upon her, she struggles with leaving the life she has known, and becoming the leader she was destined to be.

Now that they know the nature of her being, time is of the essence. The malicious and blood thirsty Zotes have set out to take Lena before she can prepare for what’s coming and bring an end to their ultimate goal.

As challenges present themselves, Lena becomes desperate. This leads her to seek help from the most unexpected of allies. With Carlos by her side, she summons the strength to endure the challenges ahead.

Will her own willpower and love be enough to conquer the challenges and the evil that lies before them? Evil that has known nothing but victory. Will others join their cause? Will Lena find the strength within to become who she’s meant to be and lead her people to victory?

Temporary Cover – Coming 2023


The third installation in the Metamorphosis Series. Coming Late 2023.

Monarch Dawn

A short story prequel to Chrysalis of Change

Commander Carlos Cortez was undercover on assignment at the local university. With little hope, he agreed to study for a year to search for missing females of his kind. What he found was more than he ever thought possible. With his trusted captain and best friend by his side, would he finally get the answers he’s been searching for?

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