Hello! If you’ve found yourself here wondering where all the stories went I have to tell you I ran into a slight problem. Sigh… Yeah, somehow I lost the pages. (Insert face palm here.) The good news is that I still have them. The bad news is I have to repost all of them. This of course will take some time, sorry about that.

While I have you here I’m excited to tell you that I am putting all the original stories into a book. Some of the stories will be extended to completion. I’m not sure how long it will take, and I’m not going to do all of them but I’ve already extended the first one, Arranged Marriage. It’s already doubled in size! So at least I have some good news for you right?

I encourage you to reread them as I post them and comment on if you think this story should be continued. I’d love to have your feedback. Oh, if I do extend the stories they won’t be posted here. The extended versions will be in the book. Only the original posted stories will be here.

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Thanks again for stopping by. Again, sorry for the mess. LOL! I’m working on it.

Writing Prompt #1 – Arranged Marriage
Writing Prompt #2 – The Telepath
Writing Prompt #3 – The Glass Orbs
Writing Prompt #4 – The Statue
Writing Prompt #5 – Error 404
Writing Prompt #6 – The Sketch
Writing Prompt #7 – The Wishing Well
Writing Prompt #8 – Puddle Jump
Writing Prompt #9 – Imaginary enemies
Writing Prompt #10 – Red Flowers
Writing Prompt #11 – At Noon
Writing Prompt #12 – The Prince
Writing Prompt #13 – The Curious Burglar
Writing Prompt #14 The Ocean
Writing Prompt #15 Emergency Alert
Writing Prompt #16 – NoSleep Pills

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