Writing Prompt #17 – Wings

“Halloween was yesterday, why are you still wearing your costume?” “I’m…not wearing one.” “Correct me if I’m wrong but, you didn’t have wings yesterday.” ~~~~~~ When I woke up this morning, before I even opened my eyes, I felt my head pounding. Considering the drinking I did last night It wasn’t a surprise, but I […]

Writing Prompt #16 NoSleep Pills

A cure for sleep has been found, by taking a cheap pill people no longer need to sleep. You opted to continue sleeping, A year after the release of the pill people who use it are starting to behave strangely.  ~~~~~~~ Bang! Bang! Bang! Awoke me from a deep sleep. Groggily, I got up out […]

Writing Prompt #11 At Noon

On everyone’s 18th birthday at noon, one word appears in their skin, depicting their career or purpose in life. On your birthday you’re staring at a clock showing 11:59 am, family and friends are gathered around for your reveal… I was in the middle of a freak out. Thirty minutes ago I locked myself in […]