Hey there! Happy Friday! So, you may be wondering why I chose to do a post on Kindle Unlimited. Well, before I was a writer/author I was a voracious reader. Like I said in my last post, my book buying habits were adding up. I was spending way too much money and I’m not even talking about physical books but digital ones. See, for me, as much as I love holding a physical book in my hands it just wasn’t practical as a mom with young kids. I did a lot of reading in the dark at night when I was putting them to sleep, or early in the morning when I would wake before they did. My e-reader let me get lost in a good book while I was taking care of my babies. At least that’s how it started but I soon realized that I loved being able to take my e-reader with me wherever I went and always had a library at my fingertips. It became addictive and I took it with me everywhere! While waiting in the doctor’s office, in the backyard while the kids played…you get the idea. Hence, why the costs for my digital books were adding up.

But I didn’t want to give up reading. So as reluctant as I was about Kindle Unlimited, I decided to look into it and really give it a chance. I wasn’t convinced that I would find enough to read that would cover the cost of $9.99 a month. Boy was I wrong! My goodness, I went from reading one book every week and a half to reading sometimes two books in one week! I would’ve surpassed the $9.99 a month easily reading as much as I was if I wasn’t in subscribed to the program. I was always able to find something new and interesting to read there. I felt more comfortable taking a chance on an unknown author because it was included and if I didn’t like it no big deal. I would just return it when I was done and move on.

You see when you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you get your own personal library that can hold up to 20 titles at a time with no expiration date or due date. You can hold these books in your library for as long as you like. Once the slots are filled you have to return one to get a new one but still that’s a lot of books to hold in your TBR pile.

As an author, I decided to enroll my books in Kindle Unlimited because I wanted to be able to offer my books to people like me. People that love to read but can’t afford a large monthly book budget, and being a newbie author I hoped that maybe more would take a chance on me. I know I have found many of my favorites through Kindle Unlimited.

For example, if you like steamy romance, I’ve listed my first book Chrysalis of Change in a promotion that’s geared towards steamy reads on Kindle Unlimited. Check it out here: September Steamy KU Reads

Who knows you might just find your next favorite book!

September Steamy KU Reads

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