Hello! I’m pleased to announce that my new book Guilty Pleasures is well on it’s way to completion. In a few weeks it will be with my editor and not long after that you’ll have it in your hands! I’m not ready to commit to a date yet. Sorry… I’m aiming for late September early October 2023. (Fingers Crossed!)

This time I strayed from romantic fantasy a bit and wrote a contemporary romance novel instead. I felt like I needed to step away from the fantasy stuff just for a little while. Not to worry. As soon as I hit publish on this baby I will return to finish the third installment of The Metamorphosis Series – Emergence, and I have another idea for another set of fantasy romance books.

If you would like to know what the Guilty Pleasures will be about I have attached the blurb for the book below. If you would like to read the first two chapters of the book please consider signing up for my newsletter.

Guilty Pleasures Blurb

Sofia always thought she got lucky in love. After marrying her college sweetheart and having three children, life was good. But when her husband of 15 years came home and announced he’d fallen in love with a 25-year-old fitness model and told her she had 30 days to move out, her world shattered around her.

Broke and homeless, Sofia scrambled to find an affordable home for her and her children. Just as she was about to give up hope, a rude stranger in a coffee shop gave her a tip that saved her from moving in with her parents. Overwhelmed with gratitude, she kissed the rude but thoughtful man before rushing out of the coffee shop.

Santiago had always been the hottest guy in the room, and he had the ego to go with it. But that was before… Now he had a hideous scar that ran down his face and no filter over what came out of his mouth. He spent his days hiding from the world. It wasn’t until that fateful day at the coffee shop that things changed. The sadness in her eyes called to his damaged heart. He never expected a simple cup of coffee would change everything. That a kiss from a sad stranger would turn his world upside down. He quickly realized one kiss wasn’t enough, and he became determined to find this woman with the sad eyes and broken heart.

Months later, when Sofia and Santiago run into each other again, would their last impressions hold a candle to the chemistry they now felt for each other? Would they be able to get past their own issues and meddling ex’s to be together? Would it be possible for two broken people to love again?

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