I did a thing…I haven’t been feeling great lately. I’ve been dealing with some minor health issues. When I feel sick, I can’t really focus on writing or editing. It requires too much concentration that I just can’t maintain, but I want to create. I opted for a different creative outlet and started making a Romance Writing Journal, butterfly themed, of course. 

The thought of creating a writing journal where I could track my books and reviews appealed to me. I wanted a place where I could keep up with my ever growing to be read list. I’m always losing books because of my multiple lists. It led me down a rabbit hole of ideas to put all these things together in a tracking journal. This endeavor enabled me to satisfy that need to create while not feeling well. I have to admit I’m pleased with the outcome. So, if you’re interested, I will link it below and share a few pictures of what it looks like. 

Click the link below. Romance Reading Journal – Butterfly Edition https://a.co/d/0Mj7Ftu

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J.L. Sanchez is a big lover of romance, paranormal romance and sci-fi genres. She has been a voracious reader since she was a child when she first fell in love with books. She’s a wife to her high school sweetheart and a supermom of four who spends her days trying to make her minions into decent little humans. She worked for over fifteen years in the office world until she had her first child. She lives in sunny South Florida and has a love/hate relationship with the unpredictable weather there, though it never fails to inspire her.

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